Frameless Glass Railings for Safety and Luxury

Frameless glass railings are a sure way to instantly update a living room staircase or add extra protection for pets and children on the patio. Frameless glass railings are long lasting and add a feeling of luxury to your domestic or commercial surroundings.

The durability of these frameless glass railing panels means that they are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. For indoor use, these ingenious panels make a room feel bigger and add a touch of elegance. For outdoor use, they create an unobtrusive safety barrier. Children cannot easily climb them, nor can pets escape through them.
The panels are constructed out of tempered glass which means they are extremely strong and completely shatterproof, easily comparable to glass shower doors.

There are many different options available to choose from, but let’s first list a few more advantages:
·       No maintenance is required. Some of our non-toxic cleaners and a simple squeegee will take care of the cleaning without any fuss. Your panels will shine like new every time.
·       These panels are an excellent defense against wind and noise. This is also one of the reasons why they are often used at restaurants for outdoor seating areas.
·       The panels are eco-friendly and are made of 100% recyclable material. Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials, as the fundamental ingredient is silica (sand) which is readily available.

Frameless Glass Railings Top Mount Options
Easily the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to safely enclose patios, balconies, pools and verandas. They create a safe environment without obstructing your view.
Horizontal metal strips firmly lock these panels in place, very similar to frameless shower doors. This creates a rock-solid foundation for improved safety in your home or business. You can choose between rails of 12, 15 or 19mm.

Side Mount
The side mount panels serve as an ideal balustrade and create safe railings for balconies, stairways and verandas. A side mount rail can be installed where there is a vertical surface. There is no need for baseboard-style foundations to secure the panels in place.
Side mount glass railings are constructed out of top-quality tempered glass of either 12, 15 or 19mm. The finishing is done with stainless steel, ensuring durability with no risk of discoloration or unsightly peeling.

When to Choose Frameless Glass Railings
Glass Innovation knows just how to combine the important elements of safety and elegance within domestic and commercial environments. Through their innovative products and designs, they have numerous happy customers in the Lower Mainland of BC.
Consider areas of your home or business premises that need added safety or upgrading of existing structures, as the first step. Perhaps safety is your main concern, to protect children playing on a patio or around a pool. You may want to increase their safety and your peace of mind. Or do you have old wooden railings or structures that have become unsafe or unsightly? Perhaps it’s time to consider installing glass panels as a perfect solution for your enclosure or railing needs.
A definite advantage is that these unassuming glass panels will seamlessly integrate with any existing design or style you have in your home or business. They blend well with most, if not any type of premises, whether you subscribe to a contemporary, farmhouse, minimalist or sleek design.
The variety of options available are staggering, but Glass Innovation will help you choose the perfect solution. We suggest starting by requesting an obligation free online quotation to better understand your needs and design dreams. Alternatively, get in touch with us to talk about the materials, installation procedure and customization that will result in a truly unique railing design.

Luxury Showers – Top 5 Reasons behind the No Tub in Bathroom Trend
Congratulations! Your decision to remodel your bathroom could not have come at a better time. There is of course never a wrong time, but you now have an opportunity to take advantage of a new trend. If you had remodeled before perhaps around 2019, you might not have had the chance to exchange your jetted tub for a luxury shower.  The no-tub trend only started to gain traction after that time.

The No-Tub Trend Explained
A few decades ago, around the 80s and 90s, the luxury trend in new residential construction was large jetted tubs. They are indeed lovely; however, most homeowners readily admit that these tubs are rarely used. Most people prefer taking a daily shower over using the bath. This led to tubs taking up a large amount of space, yet they are barely being used. Many of these homes are now due for updating or will be very soon. Homeowners are generally looking for a more practical use of space. Instead of a large tub, they now prefer a spacious and more luxurious shower for daily use and enjoyment. This is the reason why so many tubs are being replaced by larger and more elegant showers.