Top 5 Reason to Replace your Tub

There are many reasons why homeowners are replacing their large soaking or jetted tubs. The reasons can vary according to lifestyle, age, space restrictions or bathroom preferences. Here are the 5 top reasons for the change and perhaps you can relate to some of these points:
·       Rarely being used
·       Waste of limited space
·       You have another tub in your home
·       Prefer to use the space for a larger shower
·       Older people often find it hard to get in and out of a tub
What Happens When We Sell Our Home?
It is fair to consider that a future home buyer may prefer to have a tub in the master suite. There are people who prefer taking a regular bath, over showering. It is possible that they would prefer to have a bathtub in the master suite and that the absence thereof may somehow influence their buying decision. This is a good point and worth considering, however if one of the other bathrooms has a tub, there is no need for a second one. It is important for a home to have at least one bathtub for various reasons. A tub is convenient for bathing children, pets, soaking large items or even for a therapeutic soak for medical recovery. One tub in a home is adequate for these reasons. If anyone wants to make use of a tub, this option is available at any time for them. All homes are unique and need to cater for various lifestyle choices. Your decision should be based on whether a future buyer could potentially be more impressed by a luxurious and larger master shower or be disappointed by the absence of a bathtub. At the end of the day, it is your home and you must make choices that suit you and your lifestyle, best.
Luxury Shower Advantages
 Some people may be disappointed by the lack of a bathtub, while others may relish in the joy of a luxurious larger and modern shower enclosure. The latest in luxury showers can enhance the aesthetic of the bathroom as well as provide a daily luxury experience. Added features include custom built-in benches, wall nooks, elegant tile work, multiple shower heads, saunas and many more. You can enjoy a daily luxury spa experience in your own home. The latest in elegant frameless shower doors and unique glass shower enclosures can enhance your experience and at the same time make the room appear bigger. The lack of frame around the glass adds to the illusion of space. The invention of heavy glass has resulted in modern glass shower doors being able to function perfectly without a frame. Less visible hardware allows more light through and creates an unobstructed view. Small clips attached to the wall are used in the installation process. Beautiful and unique tile work will be on permanent display, adding to the overall design of the bathroom.
Remodeling your master bathroom? Contact Glass Innovation to discuss the available options to replace your large jetted tub with a beautiful luxury shower. Visit our expansive showroom where we have a variety of frameless glass shower doors on display. We are experts at creating unique shower enclosures and we can assist you with your dream bathroom design. Call us today and never look back!