Frequently Asked Questions about Shower Glass Doors

How is a framed shower door different from and a frameless shower door?
Framed shower doors are a popular option in residential and commercial spaces with traditional interiors. They are low-cost and widely available. On the other hand, frameless glass showers doors in Chicago provide a more contemporary finish with a sleek and modern look. When deciding which one to get, consider the size of your shower and the overall measurement of your bathroom.

Why are frameless glass shower doors better? 
Frameless shower doors in Chicago are super in design compared with framed bathroom enclosures. Because of the glass shower doors material, this highlights your tiles and other features in your bathroom, which could otherwise be overlooked when you have framed shower doors installed. You can enhance your bathroom even more with custom glass shower doors made around Chicago.
Additionally, frameless custom shower doors are easier to maintain, thanks to the absence of the metal framing. For these reasons, frameless shower doors typically last longer and prove to be more durable over time.

Why should I choose your company?
Our company has been the leading bath enclosure company in the industry. For over 15 years, we have provided commercial properties and residences with tasteful, strong, and unique glasswork. Our clients trust our design expertise and admire our dedication to the craft, making us one of the best and most reputable companies around. We provide everything from professional consultation to shower doors installation in Chicago. With our expert contractors in our team, you can be sure you are in good hands with us.

What type of shower door styles do you provide?
Our shower enclosures for Chicago homes and businesses come in a wide selection of styles. We can help you choose the best one for your property by assessing your bathroom and shower area. We will take precise measurements and study the layout of your bathroom so we can advise the best size, style, and structure for your shower space.

How long will my frameless shower door last?
A frameless shower door only consists of glass and hardware. In our company, we use hardware that comes with a lifetime warranty for your convenience. On the other hand, our shower glass doors are made with thick and solid material that will last for years to come. With regular cleaning and careful handling, your frameless shower door can last even a lifetime.

Why should I use frameless shower doors?
No one can deny the fact that frameless shower doors are aesthetically pleasing and can spruce up any simple bathroom. You can also have them customized according to your preference and even have sliding shower doors in your bathroom for a unique touch. Overall, they look modern, clean, and simple.

In which areas do you offer your shower glass services?
We provide consultation, walk-in visits, and services including glass shower door repair and glass shower doors installation around ChicagoArlington HeightsAuroraBolingbrookCarpentersvilleCrystal Lake, Gary, Gold Coast, Highland ParkMadison, Merrillville, MilwaukeeMount ProspectNaperville, Racine and Rockford.