Framed Vs. Frameless Shower Doors

Using new custom shower doors and glass shower enclosures can turn your dull bathroom into a luxurious and show stopping event. There are so many possibilities and options for glass door designs you might not know where to even start. One of the key points to consider in your choice in glass shower doors starts with a selection between frameless or framed glass shower doors.

Both frameless or framed glass shower doors are versatile and safe but they both have some disadvantages to take into consideration. To help you make the most appropriate decision that will best fit you and your bathroom you will find below a list of the advantages and points for consideration for frameless and framed shower doors. Once you have chosen between these two types of shower glass doors and are ready to commence, you will need to contact your local glass door company to start the transformation of your bathroom.

Framed Glass Shower Doors – Pros And Cons
The framed glass shower door has an aluminum frame around its interior edges that is heavy-duty. A framed glass shower door is a fantastic upgrade from a shower curtain. It looks a lot nicer, modern and cleaner than a shower curtain. Framed glass doors are definitely an upgrade for any bathroom as they offer the following:

  • Provide more stability: The frame around the glass shower door is from aluminum and steadies the door making it less prone to shattering. If it does break the tempered glass will break off into small circles instead of shards so as not to injure you.
  • Are easier to install: This is the easiest version to install as all you need to do is to hang up the frame. These doors can fit any type of shower material. You do however need to be precise with the placement of the hardware and the hinges when installing frameless glass shower doors.
  • Keep in more water: These doors are not likely to leak as they have a track that traps water. The metal frame and a layer of caulk along with the track protects against spilling. This design is waterproof and keeps the spray from the shower inside the shower and not all over the floor.
  • Have many options available: There are a wide variety of metal frames to select from for a more modern look.  You can select the style that best fits your style or décor theme. You can also opt for a sliding glass door instead of the normal pivot door for more space.
  • Are more cost-effective: The frameless glass doors use thinner tempered glass than frameless glass doors and you can pay 10 to 15% less for one. The thinner glass is lighter and saves you money.

Some of the disadvantages of framed shower doors that you need to think about:

  • A limited range of motion: The framed structure allows this shower door to only open outwards, which can limit functionality.  Having a door that cannot open both inwards and outwards can cause injury.
  • Harder to maintain: The high moisture levels in the bathroom can cause the metal frame around the glass to degrade with time. Mildew can also form and build up with the soap scum and water droplets around the frame.
  • An outdated design: Framed shower doors can look outdated when used in between modern bathroom fittings. There are many designs to choose from but homeowners prefer the frameless shower door style for very modern bathrooms.

Pros And Cons Of Frameless Shower Doors
What does a frameless shower door look like? Frameless shower doors unlike framed shoer door do not have a metal frame around the glass to support it to function. The sturdy tempered glass panels are only supported by hinges that mount it to the wall on one side. These seamless glass shower doors have a clean and clear look with a modern look and is much sought after by homeowners.
These frameless doors are the most stylish choice in people’s minds currently. The frameless walk-in shower enclosures are homeowners’ top choice because:

  • They come in many design options: There is a wide selection of frameless glass shower door designs to choose from. You can choose from several styles, sizes and configurations. Even though there are no metal frames around the glass you could add metal handles and hinges if you wanted. A semi-frameless shower door, with metal enclosures on the top or around the sides is also an option.
  • They offer a wide range of motion: The hinges on these doors allows for them to swing both outward and inward. You can therefore open your shower door both ways for ease of use and safety. This is different from the outward only opening limitation of the framed shower door.
  • They are easier to maintain: It is a lot easier to clean a frameless door than one with a frame around it. There are no nooks and crannies to collect soap scum, debris and moisture with time. With no frame around the glass there is less grime to deal with. The parts of the frameless glass shower door are also much easier to replace if needed. You need a very specific part from the manufacturer to replace parts of a framed shower door. With a frameless shower door you can use parts from many different manufacturers and suppliers and there are much fewer parts to concern yourself about than with a framed shower door.
  • They emphasize your bathroom design: Frameless shower doors have clean lines and do not obscure the view of your bathroom thereby accentuating the design features of your bathroom. They make the bathroom feel airy and spacious and not boxed in. You can show off the stonework, marble tiles, or design inside your shower that is normally hidden by a shower curtain or frames. The clear glass door helps you emphasize your design features.

Given all of these beneficial features, there are still drawbacks of frameless shower doors to keep in mind:

  • The price: The clear modern look of the frameless shower doors tends to be more expensive than framed shower doors.
  • The instability: With hinges to support the glass door only on one side these doors are not as stable as framed glass shower doors are. The glass is also typically thicker to keep it from bending and this makes the glass safer, but also heavier and the frameless glass shower door less stable.
  • The complicated installation:  The different types of frameless shower doors each have their own different installations requirements. It is important to have your shower door installed properly to ensure your family and your safety and make it look as good and open as it should. You might need to have a professional drill hole through your tiling without cracking the tiles. It is advisable to consult with a professional to ensure that your bathroom setup can accommodate the frameless glass shower door installation requirements of the door you want prior to losing your heart to it.

We are happy to guide and advise you and the options that will best suit your bathroom layout and your preferences. We will answer your questions and give you suggestions to make every step of the process easy for you. You can contact us any time by giving us a call or completing the online form available on our website.