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    Glass Innovation has been serving Chicagoland area since 2003. As a company with bright vision and professional attitude, we take great pride in our service and craftsmanship. It is our primary mission to provide quality customer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We design, fabricate and install high quality residential and commercial glass related products. Our company offers an endless selection and installation services that make for a quick and efficient way to upgrade or renovate your home.

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    Glass Services

    Since 2003, Glass Innovation has been providing homeowners and businesses with high-quality glass-related products. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial work, we can handle it with our limitless selection of services and top brands.


    Shower Enclosures

    Let us put together custom shower solutions for you, including Euro-style shower doors, frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, and more!


    Sandblasted Designs

    Brighten up the glasswork in your home with these intricate and highly customizable designs to make your home truly stand out.


    Glass Entrance Doors

    Add curb appeal, create an inviting atmosphere, and lighten up the entrance of your home with elegant glass entrance doors.


    Commercial Storefronts

    Make a great first impression on all your clients and draw in new customers with our custom storefront solutions.


    Custom Mirrors

    Our custom solutions are a great way to showcase your individuality and our custom mirror work is a perfect way to personalize your home.


    Table Tops & Shelves

    Glass table tops and shelves are a great way to add dimension and depth to your home in creative ways.


    Glass Railings

    Our glasswork is elegant but durable, making it an excellent choice for interested and gorgeous railings.

    Build your custom shower


      Adding Luxury with Frameless Shower Doors & Shower Glass Doors in Chicago

      Custom Shower Doors Bring Elegance to Any Bathing Space

      One of the fastest way to add luxury and classic style to a bathroom or shower area is with glass shower doors. The clean look and smooth function of glass shower doors add value and function. Professional installation is important, and stock sizes do not fit every situation. The necessary balancing of heavy safety glass means DIY installation is not the best option here, as the risks of malfunction and damaging an expensive glass door are extremely high. Before buying stock shower doors, check with your local custom shower door professionals. Glass Innovation experts can measure and manufacture glass shower doors specifically for your shower, often at prices that are not much more than a stock door plus professional installation.

      Shower Doors
      Shower Doors

      What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures Chicago

      If you are thinking of getting your Chicago home bathroom remodeled soon, one of your main focuses should be the shower or bathing space. The standard tub-and-shower type can be seen in many homes in Chicago as it saves plenty of space and tends to be more low-budget. On the other hand, nowadays a walk-in shower with custom shower doors is preferred. Homeowners usually remove the bathtub to make space or they install a separate soaking tub for convenience. Walk-in showers give different options for the door and enclosures. Glass showers doors or enclosures make a great choice as they naturally repel water and they are also easier to clean compared with other materials. Meanwhile sliding glass doors work well on shower-and-tub bathroom types. This is installed by affixing the glass panel to the top and bottom tracks to slide along. Unlike sliding shower glass doors, swinging glass doors do not require any track, which makes them perfect for no-threshold showers. They also open up the space more since there is no need to frame the top and bottom. Framed glass structures, on the other hand, have a combined structure of lightweight tempered glass and the framework of metal. Among shower glass doors you can choose from, this is the most affordable option since this is made with lighter glass and is easier to construct. Opposite this, you would love frameless shower doors if you enjoy almost-invisible closures as there are hardly any metal installed here. This means you can show off your beautiful bath or shower tile design more. However, they prove to make more water mess as they lack a proper watertight system. At the end of the day, how you choose your glass door and glass shower enclosure depends on how you want your bathroom to look and essentially how big it is to allow more creativity for custom glass shower doors. For an expert opinion, feel free to contact us today!

      A Wide Range of Our Shower Glass Doors That Would Fit Your Personality. We Offer Frameless, Sliding and Custom Shower Doors

      If you are in need of glass shower doors services in the Chicago area, we are your best option. With years of being one of the top shower doors installation companies in Chicago, our shower glass doors contractors are equipped with experience to provide you the best service you deserve. We offer a wide variety of choices for your shower enclosures. From frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, or any glass shower doors installation in Chicago, we’ve got you covered. Trust our team of experts to provide you with custom glass shower doors that would perfectly fit your personality while still serving its practical use. Turn your bathroom to be more functional, yet elegant and inviting by installing custom shower doors with our company in Chicago.

      Shower Glass Doors Chicago & Shower EnclosuresChicago Styles You Must Know

      There are various types of shower glass doors that are available in Chicago, so you can select the best shower enclosure that works best given the size and style of your personal bathroom space. Whether you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel, or building a new home, check out these glass door styles you might want.


      The contemporary door is best for you if you want a light and airy glass shower door in Chicago with minimal metal, or frameless shower doors. Contemporary shower enclosures give you the connected feeling and present flow in your bathroom.


      Modern custom glass shower doors in Chicago have a crisp, clean and clear style featuring different pattern options. This is a great way to update your bathroom to appeal to everyone without a lot of effort.


      The industrial shower door will instantly add a lot of visual interest to your bathroom. You can choose a high contrast or dark fixture that can be paired with its panel. This type of shower enclosure in Chicago allows visibility between the exterior of the shower.


      Rain glass style has a pattern cut into one side of the shower glass door to resemble raindrop. This pattern prevents you from being seen into the shower and allows light through while obscuring the person inside the rain; that’s why it is best to increase your privacy and light.

      Shower Glass Doors & Shower Enclosures Thickness

      Shower Glass Doors Foundation Option - Glass Innovation Chicago Have Everything For Your Perfect Shower Glass Doors & Shower Enclosures

      We have three base options for your glass shower doors installation in Chicago: on a shower tray, on an alcove bathtub, or directly onto a tiled floor. Whichever base you have or decide to choose, there are considerations that you need to keep in mind for a smooth installation.

      Shower trays are offered as a single, double, and sometimes triple threshold configuration. The number of thresholds should match the number of glass walls that your shower enclosures or shower doors have. An example would be a shower enclosure that is built into the corner of your bathroom that will contain two glass walls, so a double threshold is needed. Since shower glass doors in Chicago require alcove installation where three walls stand, therefore a single threshold shower tray is necessary. This is one of the four walls made of glass. Glass shower doors are offered with a compatible shower tray. However, if the one you select isn’t, be sure that the tray’s width also matches that of the shower door.

      If you would pair glass shower enclosures with an alcove bathtub, the shower door’s width should be the same as the width of your tub. Please keep in mind your tub’s height when calculating measurements because the height of your shower glass doors will be dependent on that.

      Now, most shower doors will allow you to purchase it with a shower tray; some will not. The reason is they are designed to mount directly on top of a tile floor for a true walk-in shower experience. Make sure that you select a shower door that is tall enough to accommodate the shower’s tallest user, measuring from the floor up.

      What to Consider Before Buying a Glass Shower Door? Glass Innovation Chicago Are Here To Help You Choose Shower Glass Doors & Shower Enclosures For Your Bathroom

      A shower enclosure in Chicago can add elegance and style to your regular bathroom. When you have decided to renovate your bathroom and use a glass shower door instead of shower curtains, you must know that many things must be considered. Things like shower enclosures or sliding shower doors can improve the overall aesthetics of any bathroom. You can also get custom shower doors that will match your style and preferences.

      Choose your style
      It is essential to take a look at where you will place your shower glass doors. If you will get a sliding shower door, it is better to put it in a wide shower stall. Whether you decide, ensure that it matches your needs. The framed and frameless shower doors in Chicago are a great thing to consider, as well.

      Choose a shower glass wisely
      If you want privacy as your shower enclosures in Chicago, going with a textured or patterned design is the best decision. When you want natural light to make your morning shower much more energizing, clear glass shower doors are your best bet. There are wide options that you can choose from that will match your preference and style.

      Bathroom décor 
      Bathroom decor is something that you cannot forget when buying shower glass doors in Chicago. You need to consider your bathroom’s overall look and buy shower enclosures that complement the existing decor that you may have. It should complement your bathroom decor without any hassle.

      Cleaning and maintenance
      An important factor that can help you make your decision when selecting the right glass shower door in Chicago is the cleaning and maintenance. Different types of shower glass doors have different types of requirements. Textured glass is easier to clean than frameless shower doors.

      There are plenty of shower glass doors in our company in Chicago that you can choose from. Your shower doors must always complement your bathroom decor. Otherwise, it won’t be any use to spend so much money on your shower enclosures. We only provide the highest quality of sliding shower doors, shower doors enclosures, and frameless glass showers that you may need. We specialize in providing our customers with the best and only the best service possible.



      A sure-fire way to add class and style to your bathroom is to install new shower enclosures.
      In today’s market, there are many shower enclosure choices; you are sure to find one that suits the size and style of your bathroom. In Chicago, we are the leading company offering frameless sliding glass doors and shower enclosures. Our choices range from frameless shower enclosures, hinged shower doors, bi-folds, or sliding shower doors. Walk-in enclosures have become popular and will give your bathroom a trendy, modern feel.
      We also offer custom-made glass shower doors to fit any shape or size. This means whether your bathroom is tiny or spacious, we can come up with a shower door or enclosure to fit your space. All of our shower glass is made using regulation tough safety glass and comes in a variety of finishes, like frosted, clear, patterned, or textured. Our high-quality hardware has a chrome finish, but we can custom this to your specifications.
      We are proud to be innovators in Chicago in shower glass door technology and have years of experience designing and installing showers. Add some elegance and value to your home by calling us today for a consultation and estimate. You won’t be sorry!

      Custom Design for Your Shower Glass Doors & Shower Enclosures in Chicago

      So many homeowners tend to gravitate toward a bathroom with custom-designed glass shower doors in Chicago. The reason is that the layouts and feature combinations are almost endless, so a homeowner can have a truly unique design that offers functionality and luxurious elegance, through the help of design professionals who understand shower enclosures in Chicago. Custom shower doors in Chicago offer a wide selection of hardware options and features. These include glass shower door handles, for example, that have various looks, like Colonial, D-handles, Ladder, and Victorian styles. Meanwhile, faucets, knobs, and showerheads, along with other bathroom features come in any design from Victorian to Art Deco and Modern Chic. Plus, together with custom glass shower doors in Chicago, luxurious additions like a shower bench or built-in shower shelves can enhance the utility and beauty of glass shower enclosures.

      It is very common for new glass shower doors in Chicago to feature more budget-friendly designs. That is typically the case for standard-sized shower enclosures that can display a nice variety of styles and layouts. But going with a standard design for your frameless shower doors in Chicago is not a reflection of a lack of style, elegance, or luxury. In fact, many standard designs can give the appearance of a custom glass enclosure, offering the same features and upgrades that enhance the shower experience and the aesthetics of the room.

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      We’ll never use another glass company again. These guys were so friendly, professional, and efficient – and their prices were incredible too! An all-around great experience.
      Anthony Moore
      We used these guys for our shower installation and the work was incredible. The new enclosure looks exactly as we’d pictured it, blending perfectly with our home décor.
      Bryan Hill
      My design was pretty specific, so I was pleasantly surprised when these contractors handled the whole thing so easily. They created everything according to plan and it was done so quickly!
      Gloria Dennis