A glass shower door can be the finishing touch to a perfectly customized bathroom which brings peace after a long day or when you want to feel re-energized. However, shower doors can slowly deteriorate or become damaged over time due to changes in humidity and temperature. is a great way to wind down during a long day or to get energized in the morning. You will be glad to know that there are easy solutions to repairing shower doors without calling a professional. 
Sliding Shower Doors
The design of a sliding door, or a bypass door as it’s commonly referred to, simply consists of a sliding motion that goes back and forth along a track made from metal or plastic. The track or frame that holds the bypass door can trap water and cause grime buildup, which could potentially be harmful. The metal tracks could become rusted or a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The best course of action is to regularly clean your shower door tracks to avoid any damage. A mixture of plain white vinegar and baking soda is considered the best home remedy for removal of accumulated debris.  A frothy foam is produced, breaking up the grit which could potentially cause your shower door difficulties when sliding. Solutions such as CLR or Lime-way are great solvents used to dissolve deposits away, especially once superficial remedies like vinegar and baking soda mixes, or scrubbing or scratching away with a special knife or screwdriver don’t do a thorough enough job.
Swinging Shower Doors
Regular wear and tear can occur with glass shower doors as well as with a regular hinged shower door such as:

  • Doors that don’t remain closed,
  • Loosened shower doors.
  • missing or damaged sweeps or gaskets that cause leaks

The above issues concerning shower door repairs can generally be mended by either tightening or applying the proper adhesive. 
Leaks at the joint of shower glass doors, walls or floors are more likely to occur when a project utilizes inferior materials. Silicone is a top choice for material to be used in wet areas due to its antifungal properties which offer mold protection. Silicone is both reliable and effective as a convenient application method for sealing around smooth areas such as the shower. Certain factors should be considered prior to applying new material such as scraping off any existing gasket with a specific tool and thoroughly cleaning any residue with silicone solvent. After that, the edges of the gap are taped with painting tape and filled with the material of choice. It’s Important that the seal formed between the door and bottom portion of the shower door should be malleable enough not to break under the constant pressure of being opened and closed during its use.
Sanitary silicone can be colorless but customers can opt among an abundant color palette which can be matched to a wide variety of bathroom color schemes.
Even if you don’t suspect your shower glass doors are loose, it is a proactive decision to re-tighten ALL visible screws since  sometimes shower doors do become loosened over time. All  hinges, handles and latches should be inspected and any signs that the caps are popped off and exposed screws should be fixed.

Customers may choose to simply go to any hardware store and purchase magnets, add any adhesive like magnetic strips with glue to the edge of the doors which holds the door shut tight.  Once do-it-yourself attempts fail to provide a reasonable solution, you should call a professional;  one who brings their full capabilities to solve your problems related to your glass shower doors in Chicago.