Five Must-Haves For A Great Bathroom

A bathroom not only serves a utilitarian function, but  today’s new bathroom also brings a sense of style along with efficiency. Bathrooms, especially the master bath, can serve as an in-home spa where homeowners can be relieved of daily stress and recharge their batteries without a need to worry about texts or tweets.  The following list represents some unique features such as shower glass doors, which are considered must-haves to achieve a great bathroom.

Natural Light
Natural lighting makes a home more welcoming and also puts people in a better mood and improves sleep. Numerous therapeutic benefits also occur such as boosting vitamin D that helps prevent bone loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain and various cancers, according to healthline.  That’s why it’s important that homeowners consider making natural light a must-have for any renovation and make windows, skylights or even glass doors in Chicago as receptive to natural light as possible.
Curbless Shower
Homeowners now have endless options when selecting the size and composition of their floorcovering and techniques to make a smaller space appear larger, more functihelpinonal, and more aesthetically appealing. Frameless shower doors and curbless showers do not require a threshold which makes shower access easier for customers, especially the elderly or those who are  mobility-impaired. Curbless showers provide numerous advantages such as not limiting customers to 4 by 4-inch tile or stone as well as  linear drains making floor coverings only need to be pitched in one direction. Curbless showers provide homeowners with a blank canvas that makes options such as frameless shower doors an accessible option for almost everyone’s home.

Having a bathroom in a location with direct sightlines from the kitchen, living room or dining room should be avoided. A bathroom should not be the first thing you see when you enter a home, walk to the kitchen or enter into the bedroom.

Water Closet Location
The same principle that applies to other rooms in the home applies to finding the right location of the toilet in relation to the bathroom. If space allows it, we often recommend a separate enclosure for the water closet. Not only does it take the toilet out of sight, but it also provides users with privacy. The water closet should not be the first fixture that you see when entering the bathroom.

Size may be a challenge but never an obstacle to creating the bathroom of your dreams. An exceptional bathroom can be designed even within a relatively small space. It isn’t necessary to have the largest bathroom in order to get all you and your family’s needs met. Product specifications can be made for smaller spaces to appear larger. Notably, in-home spas can be designed with multifunction shower systems that bring therapeutic benefits like relaxation of tired muscles, rejuvenation of the skin and an overall positive contribution to one’s health and wellbeing, juvenate skin tone and contribute to your health and wellbeing.
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