The Benefits and Drawbacks of Building a Shower Without a Shower Tray

Today’s modern standard in building a shower stall is to do it without including a shower tray. Doing so creates more spaciousness for a brighter feel inside the shower so that other elements of the bathroom design can become the center of focus, like glass shower doors Chicago homeowners love so much. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of building a shower without the use of a shower tray, but it takes experience and skill to carefully design, measure, and construct dimensions of a shower without using a shower tray to allow for comfort and safe use.

A shower designed using a shower tray is restrictive on space but this method is being replaced with a more modernized approach that adds a discrete linear drain in the floor along with an optional glass featuring shower glass doors. Here are some advantages to a shower enclosure that does not have a shower tray.

MORE SPACE – a bathroom shower without a shower tray can be made larger and is more comfortable to use. By eliminating a massive shower enclosure in favor of a unique design and possibly frameless shower doors in Chicago, much space is saved and the layout of the bathroom is improved.

YOU CHOOSE THE SHAPE OF YOUR SHOWER – a walk-in shower is possible anywhere in the bathroom, whether it’s in a small corner or niche. Without a shower tray, you can be creative with the design of your shower enclosure. A minimalist style of shower enclosure without the use of a shower tray does infringe on the overall design of the bathroom and it becomes a seamless part of the space for many who prefer to use glass shower doors in Chicago.

COMFORT AND SAFETY – A shower enclosure that does not have a threshold at the entrance of the shower enclosure makes the space safer, especially for those with mobility issues, like the elderly, physically disabled, and small children. Meanwhile, shower glass doors Chicago are a favorite because they allow more light into the shower enclosure.

EASY WALL INSTALLATION – Glass panels that separate the shower stall from the rest of the space in the bathroom are easily fixed to the existing walls and floor using special techniques. This type of configuration makes it simple to add frameless shower doors Chicago bathrooms.

PRACTICAL – It is much easier to maintain a clean walk-in shower enclosure than it is an enclosure that features a white shower tray with bulky doors that include folds, bends, and rails. Frameless shower doors Chicago are much more practical.

But there are some disadvantages to building without a shower tray.
PRICE – While you may not have to spend some of the budget on purchasing a shower tray, the cost of building the shower enclosure can be higher. The added cost comes from the labor-intensive work involved in the installation of a walk-in stall.

REQUIRES A PROFESSIONAL – Creating a shower enclosure without the use of a shower tray takes the work of an experienced professional. An expert can assess the area, including the space allowable from the floor and the ceiling to provide the right installation. The work will also need top-quality materials, which the professional contractor can get at a reduced cost. With the shower drain located a few inches under the floor, if the proper care is not taken by a professional to ensure a waterproofed shower environment, the area beneath the shower can become flooded.

WATER FLOW INTO THE REST OF THE BATHROOM – In general, this is not an issue for most walk-in shower designs. The issue of splashing or leaking water to the outside of the shower area can be solved by installing glass shower doors Chicago homeowners have made popular. You may also build a shower wall or full enclosure that is secured to the floor.

Are you thinking about a new shower that has no tray and features frameless shower doors in Chicago? Contact our team of shower enclosure specialists that can help you choose the right options that you can be happy with. We have many glass shower doors in Chicago for you to choose from.