5 Myths About Glass Shower Doors

If you are looking for shower doors or shower enclosures that are modern, durable, low-maintenance, and attractive, glass is your solution. Glass is a functional and beautiful way to upgrade your bathroom, and though it is becoming more popular, some people still have doubts about them. Below are 5 myths about shower glass doors:

Myth 1: Glass shower doors can shatter

Glass shower doors are extremely unlikely to break, and when they do, it is not as dangerous as it may seem. Since the glass is always tempered glass, it is very strong, and if it were to shatter it is made to break into many small pieces that are not sharp. Glass shower doors are very safe.

Myth 2: Glass doors and shower enclosures are too expensive

Actually, shower glass doors can be quite an affordable way to upgrade your bathroom. Starting at around $400, our custom shower doors can be made to suit your needs and budget. At Glass innovations, we would be happy to give you a quote for the shower doors installation you want!

Myth 3: Glass shower doors leak all the time

For glass frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, and other models, a correct installation by professional contractors will mean you have no problems with leaks! Our experienced team knows how to get it done right.

Myth 4: You don’t have to clean shower glass doors

Though they are much easier to clean than a shower curtain, you will have to regularly clean your glass shower doors and enclosures to prevent soap build-up and to help keep them looking great.

Myth 5: All glass shower doors look the same

This could be the most incorrect myth here! Glass leaves infinite possibilities for custom shower doors for your bathroom. From framed to frameless, frosted to clear, curved to straight, the possibilities are endless.

Glass Innovation is Here to Help

Glass Innovation is your local expert for glass shower doors and shower enclosures. We happily build custom shower doors and enclosures to your specifications, so you get the most functionality and style out of your shower. From frameless shower doors to sliding shower doors and everything in between, our experts can do it! Get in touch today for more information.