6 Reasons Why Frameless Glass Shower Doors Are the Only Way to Go

The modern bathroom has evolved from offering basic requirements like bathing to an elegant oasis of tranquility. It has become key to the identity of the home and prized almost as much as the kitchen.
Modern décor requires flowing lines, minimalism, and elegance and the bathroom is expected to follow suit. There is no better current way to bring these characteristics into your bathroom and increase the value of your property than with frameless glass shower doors.
These fashionable frameless shower doors Chicago loves come in a range of sizes, colors, and glass options. Gone are the intricate columns and arches of the grand old baths. Frameless glass shower doors are the best choice today and have many benefits as can be seen below.

1. Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger with Frameless Shower Doors
Glass does not obstruct your view and creates the impression that the room is bigger than it really is. The glass of frameless shower doors is very strong ranging in thickness from 3/8” to 1/2” and does not require a frame to hold it as it does not bend easily. These glass shower doors Chicago residents adore can fit any bathroom size and will make it look larger.
2. Elegant Designs with Glass Doors
Fixing the glass directly to the wall with unobtrusive hardware means there is no frame or metal around the glass. The seamless and clear look offers clean lines for a minimalistic effect. Use glass on multiple or all sides of the shower for a unique modern design or see our custom shower doors Chicago based designs.
3. Keep Your Bathroom Open and Airy Feeling with Clear Glass
No frame around your shower door also means that your vision is not obscured and using clear glass will allow you to see through them. These popular shower enclosures Chicago specific ideas open up your bathroom and make it seem breezy, brighter, and less boxed in.
4. Frameless Glass Doors Allow Natural Light Inside
Having a lot of natural lights in the bathroom enables better cosmetic application, easier hair removal, and is a vital source of vitamin D. Frameless glass shower doors allow natural light in the shower, which is also handy when you need to shave in the shower.
5. Highlight Your Tile Designs
Often your stunning bathroom tile design is hidden behind a shower curtain or tinted shower doors with metal frames such as the natural onyx artwork in high-end walk-in master showers. This large obstacle takes away from the overall effect of the design. The shower glass doors Chicago loves offer a full, clear view of the shower to showcase the overall bathroom design and fixtures in the shower.
6. Creates a Spa-Like Experience
Frameless glass shower doors create a serene and tranquil spa-like feel and are a great investment with a fantastic return on investment.
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