Benefits of Shower Doors

A shower is more than just a place to get clean, it is where you can destress at the end of a long day or motivate yourself in the morning, it’s a place to have a quiet moment to yourself or to have your own personal karaoke session and sing your worries away. With that being said, you deserve the best shower you can get.
A simple yet effective way to upgrade your shower experience is by saying goodbye to your flimsy, outdated, hard-to-clean shower curtain, and by replacing it with glass shower doors and shower enclosures.

Glass is the modern solution to the shower curtain blues and is sure to transform your bathroom into a brighter and more enjoyable space. At Glass Innovation, our experienced team can expertly install shower glass doors, frameless shower doors, and sliding shower doors that will make you wonder why you ever put up with a curtain in the first place!

Our team at Glass Innovation not only recommends glass shower doors installation because it looks nice, but because:

  • Glass shower doors trap in heat and increase that awesome “sauna” feel of your shower, with no cool breezes to interrupt
  • Shower glass doors make your whole bathroom look and feel bigger
  • Glass shower doors and shower enclosures let in more light so you can actually see what you’re doing
  • Glass helps show off your nice shower tile and backsplash you took so long to pick out
  • Custom shower doors from Glass Innovation increase the value of your home

So, when you are ready to end the uncomfortable showers with your shower curtain and welcome a new and improved experience offered from glass shower doors and enclosures, get in touch with our team. We create a custom look and style to suit your needs and tastes, all you have to do is ask! Call our team today for more information on how we can get you set up with your new custom shower doors.