Maximize Your Small Bathroom’s Potential with A New Shower Glass Enclosure

Your plans for building your dream bathroom can come true, regardless if you feel like your space is too small. Our team of experts specializes in small bathroom designs provides some of the best custom shower doors in Chicago. With updated glass shower doors, your bathroom can become the impressive room that you’ve always desired.

Whether you are looking to bring more light to a small, dark bathroom or are looking for a complete renovation that adds a fresh look, we can help you design what suits your needs and wants. If you are looking for inspiration, choose us and step out of the ordinary tub, sink, mirror, and toilet combination.

From wall-mounted toilets, cabinet doors that disappear, to sinks that defy gravity, redesigning what a “normal” bathroom design looks like can be exciting and bring about fresh and innovative ideas of change. Stylish concepts made from bold textures and patterns can also help reinvent a small bathroom space. To expand your mind and boundaries to the full potential that your small bathroom has, consider the following nine concepts:

Custom-designed glass shower doors are popular for Chicago homeowners because endless design features and style combinations are available so that luxurious, unique results can be obtained. Through the efforts of our professionals who use a wide selection of hardware options and layouts, a high level of functionality and elegance can be obtained

That clean, classically smooth look and feel can be achieved with the incorporation of glass shower doors that come in a variety of styles such as frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors and custom glass shower doors, which also bring high added value and ease of use. As tempting as it may be to try to install your own glass shower enclosure, accidents may occur when attempting to balance heavy safety glass on your own, and stock sizes may not fit every space. A professional installation is necessary to ensure avoiding damaging an expensive glass door. You may also consult with a shower door professional before buying stock shower doors.