How to Clean Your Shower Doors

While your shower leaves you feeling and looking your best, your shower doors might have seen better days. With all that moisture, your shower door is exposed to moisture, grime, and mineral deposits. There’s a variety of ways to deal with this buildup in your shower. You can even make some simple cleaning solutions from ingredients found around your home! In some cases, you might need a scraper or some other minor tools to make sure you’re getting all the spots.

Which Cleaning Products Work Best?

Heated and distilled vinegar is a popular option for many home cleaning issues. This is often a great choice for your shower as well, unless your shower is made of stone. If you have a stone shower, try liquid soap with baking soda and apply it with a non-scratch sponge. Rather than making a whole project of cleaning your shower door, try multitasking. Towards the end of your shower, grab a sponge or magic eraser and get to work! It’s one of the best times to tackle this cleaning anyway, since the heat and water will have already loosened much of the buildup.

Cleaning the Edges and Metal Parts of Your Shower Door

Another popular choice is lemon juice and baking soda. This combination forms a nice foam which won’t stick to your door and leave streaks. To address the edges of your door,  try using a toothbrush to scrub the metal frame. For harder to reach areas, you might consider a paint scraper or a razor. While there’s a bunch of ways to clean shower doors, the best method of keeping this area clean is always prevention. Squeegeeing your shower installation after every use is a great way to prevent buildup. With regular use, a squeegee can prevent you from having to get as intense with your cleaning schedule, which is a great way to save time.