Custom glass shower doors cost

How much do custom glass shower doors cost?

Glass shower doors are very convenient. Compared to shower curtains, not only do they look better, but also don’t stick to your legs when you shower. Glass shower doors are just the best choice for your bathroom.  Have you ever wondered how much do custom glass shower doors cost? They certainly cost more than standard glass doors. But regarding the question: there is no simple answer to that because of course the price depends on many factors.

The typical costs range from $900 to $1,300 with installation costs included. The national average for a frameless glass shower door installation is about $1,000. You can safe yourself some money (usually about $300) if you decide to install the doors yourself, but I would advise agains this solution, as glass shower doors are gentle and could get damaged easily if the installation goes wrong. Not to mention, that they heavy and most importantly: expensive!

More factors that play role in shower doors cost

There are more factors to take into consideration when deciding on custom glass shower doors. It’s obvious, that final costs are influenced by the thickness and quality of glass. size and design of the door also play a big role. Not to mention needed bathroom modifications, to make the doors fit. To be clear: the thicker and better glass, the higher the price. Same with size, the bigger the shower, the higher costs of the labor and materials will be.  But also depending on the type of door you decide to install, costs may vary. First of all: are the doors framed or frameless?

To no surprise, frameless shower doors cost more than typical doors. This happens because frameless doors require to be made of thicker glass. If you choose framed doors, you can safe yourself up to $500.  Remember about all these things before getting your own custom glass shower doors.