Are frameless shower doors an excellent option?

Frameless glass shower doors Chicago residents love are made of transparent glass and are among the most popular bathroom elements in recent years. Transparent glass provides a no frills, streamlined look that provides a modern, sleek appearance for any bathroom. There are many advantages when it comes to frameless shower doors, no matter if for new bathroom installation or bathroom remodeling.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Benefits
Visual enhancement is the most obvious benefit.  This door style offers a minimalist and ultramodern feel to any room. Different from standard doors, these have thicker glass and do not require the support of a vertical frame. This allows your bathroom’s focal point to be in your tile or other design elements.  These doors also offer added design flexibility in order to coordinate with varied shower heights and plumbing fixtures.

Reduced maintenance overall is a major appeal of  frameless glass shower doors in Chicago. The need for a metal track is eliminated as the glass fits tightly to your shower bottom or tile. Metal tracks may appear to be minor detail but they need to be cleaned regularly, meaning their elimination also eliminates a bathroom component that requires cleaning.

Certain frameless shower doors utilize hinges which enable the door to be opened out of and into your shower. This provides additional flexibility for design in smaller bathrooms and also opens up space traditionally required for the swing of a door.  The possibility of pulling a door into the shower can lead to additional privacy as well as a bathroom floor that is drier.

Remodeling Options
Frameless glass shower doors Chicago residents love offer a bathroom remodeling look that is modern and clean. Step one is deciding whether you require a completely new shower or merely new shower doors.  Once existing shower doors are removed, there may be residue buildup or wall fastener holes in the space where the doors were installed.  By cleaning properly and grouting or sealing, you can likely utilize your current shower.

Quality is Important
The construction of frameless doors is particularly crucial to ensure that the hardware can support the weight properly. Homeowners and contractors tend to prefer glass clamps for door installation rather than the U channel method. Although glass clamps tend to be more expensive, they also increase support and durability significantly.

Considering the best hardware material for your bathroom is another crucial point to consider. The options for quality hardware are infinite. Brass-plated metal is a popular favorite. Available in numerous options, other accessories can also be purchased to match it. This type of hardware provides the proper strength and can also match handles to increase the uniformity of your design aesthetic. Do not save money by purchasing inferior hardware. Don’t forget, your chosen materials can generally be plated so that they match your décor design.

Match Popular Styles
Lifestyles are becoming more chaotic and homeowners are seeking the creation of tranquil spaces. Today’s bathrooms tend to incorporate spa-like amenities such as soaking tubs, jacuzzis, and hot tubs. Many more homeowners have begun choosing a more modern style.

Frameless glass shower doors in Chicago perfectly accompany this more popular trend, following minimalist, clean style choices. Design quality pairs well with this style, in addition to simple maintenance and durability. Select frameless glass shower doors Chicago trusts to obtain easy maintenance and attractive style.