Glass Partition Walls: Five Most Common Uses in Houses

Not only are glass partition walls trendy, they are also functional and work well in large open floor plan apartments as well as in tiny studios. If you need to isolate a space or area but don’t want to block any light, this is an invaluable design feature.
Bathroom light and privacy

Glass shower enclosures are utilized in bathrooms to separate the dry space from the wet space (and sometimes to separate an entire bathroom that is in a master bedroom).  As a material, glass is an excellent option for a shower as it is easy to clean and impermeable to both steam and water.

Glass shower doors may also be utilized to add more light to a space and to make it seem larger than it is, even in the absence of windows.  Various types of translucent glazing can be used on shower glass doors to provide the privacy you seek and some textured glass finishes can be used to make a watery effect.

Hallways with natural light

No matter the size or quantity of windows a room may have, homes often lack natural light in their staircases or their hallways. Internal non-load-bearing walls can be replaced with glass partitions, providing natural light for darker spaces.   One alternative is the replacement of solid doors with glass doors.

You may select glass partition walls decorated with metal strips or other patterns well matched to your home’s interior aesthetic for a more elevated look. Or you may select a frosted glass finish (or other types of translucent glazing) for your glass wall for a look that is more minimalistic. Both choices—patterns and translucent on the glass—will allow the staircase or hallway to be flooded with light from the room.

Separation for studios

There are various configurations of glass partition walls. They may be corner-shaped, mid-size, floor-to-ceiling, or  arched. This transformability makes glass wall partitions a terrific solution for even the smallest studios. They may only occupy several inches of space, separating sleeping or dining areas from the space around them.

Isolation for home office spaces

In today’s world, many homes face the challenge of setting up a home office.  This allows homeowners the chance to keep an eye on their home’s activity while also having a bit of privacy in which to focus.  Two simple glass partitions are capable of transforming a corner into a home office space. Framed glass panels of full height can lessen noise without obstructing the view.

Open layout zoning

Open floor apartments need zones in order to feel functional and cozy. Glass walls are the ideal solution for dividing any area into zones that have varying privacy levels while maintaining the original open concept vibe: (glass partitions will not block light nor the view).

Glass partition walls have the potential to be incredibly functional: a glass shower enclosure or frameless shower doors can zone in wet areas, provide natural light for windowless spaces, offer sound insulation, and more. Glass finishes and pattern’s diversity means glass walls may contribute to your home’s interior aesthetic.  Here at Glass Innovation, we can implement any idea you may have through the creation of custom glass partition solutions.