Custom Mirrors: Other Glass Uses

Mirrors provide various aesthetic and functional benefits. Their reflection of images and light help make smaller spaces seem bigger.  They also provide the opportunity to check how you look before leaving home.
One can purchase a standard mirror at any home improvement or big box store.  However, are you seeking a specific look>  In this case you should buy a mirror that flows with your home’s design aesthetic rather than adjusting your style to the mirror you find. If you do not seem to encounter what you seek, you should take a custom mirror design into consideration to best suit your needs. Below are a few popular options that may inspire a custom mirror project for your space.

Oversized Mirror in Bathroom

Your existing mirror may not fit the bill if your master bathroom has a double vanity. Ordering an oversized mirror that meets your double vanity’s dimensions can really make a statement.

A room reflecting back on itself can make the whole bathroom space appear both larger and more impressive. Using a frame to customize your bathroom mirror could provide that high-end look bulk-produced mirrors will never deliver.  Combining this with custom glass shower doors, frameless glass shower doors, and glass shower enclosures can almost double the size your bathroom feels.

Mirrored Wall

You can really show off your tastes by hanging framed art and pictures in a hallway. However, have you considered including a wall that’s completely mirrored?  A feature like this may make your home shine, providing the modern aesthetic you seek.
A mirror that spans the whole hallway in a floor-to-ceiling manner can appear twice as wide as it actually is, reducing claustrophobia.  Family pictures and artwork may still be hung on the opposite wall to include a personal touch.

Statement Mirrors

Conversations may be started by decorative statement mirrors. These features are frequently installed above the dining room table, headboard, sofa, or mantle. Statement mirrors can be as unique as you are, in a variety of fun shapes such as ovals, diamond, triangles, and circles as well as varied accent frames.
Certain statement mirrors may have frames larger than the mirror itself or be divided into panels, increasing their visual interest. As decorative wall hangings, they are an excellent option for filling up an empty area but not weighing down your room like a visually heavy painting or alternative wall decoration might.

Full-Length Mirrors

Nothing is better than a full-length custom mirror when you wish to dress for success. Full-length custom mirrors are available in numerous varieties. In order to be portable, swivel mirrors are set in stands. Other variety’s just lean against your wall. Some provide a bold statement by being attached to the wall, stretching from floor to ceiling. From metal or thick wood frames to unobtrusive, thin frames, the options are vast when choosing your custom full-length mirror.

Safety Features of Custom Mirrors

Impressive and large, custom mirrors may need certain safety features to make certain installation is uneventful and day-to-day use remains safe. For instance:

  • Rounded edges on frameless mirrors should be included to prevent cutting yourself.
  • Safety backing should be included on large bathroom mirrors to keep glass fragments in place if accidental breakage ever occurs.
  • For installation, heavy duty mirror hangers should be utilized to prevent a mirror from falling.

Your Custom Mirror Experts

Here at Glass Innovation, our professionals have numerous years of experience in the design and production of custom mirrors for the homes of our clients. Help make your space feel more engaging or larger with a customized mirror product from Glass Innovation. A specialist will visit your home to give you a free consultation, take accurate measurements, and provide expert mirror design suggestions and advice.
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