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Glass Shower Doors in Valparaiso - Shower Doors Installation & Custom Glass Work.

Glass Innovation has been serving the Valparaiso area since 2003 with excellent customer service and quality artistry. We are known for our innovative glass shower enclosures and related glass products, which we customize for you and your home or business. If you have a creative idea or plan for your frameless shower doors, we can make it a reality. Just give us a call.

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As the industry leader for fifteen years, Glass Innovation is experienced in creating high-quality custom glasswork that is always unique.

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We only use the highest-quality glass for every installation in Valparaiso.

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We can work with you to help you make your glass shower door design a reality.

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It is all in the details, and that is how we produce the best glass shower enclosures in Valparaiso.

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Glass Innovation in Valparaiso provides high-quality shower doors and more.


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Glass Services

Glass Innovations provides quality custom-made glass products for residential and commercial installations. We offer a large selection of top brands and glass services throughout Valparaiso since 2003.


Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower doors, sliding glass doors, and bath enclosures are our specialty. Let our talented designers create something unique for you.


Sandblasted Designs

Your shower enclosure can stand out from the crowd with yours or our custom sand-blasted designs on glass.


Glass Entrance Doors

Elegant glass doors as your home’s entrance are sure to be a much talked about subject, which adds curb appeal and value to your home.


Commercial Storefronts

There is nothing like a unique storefront to stop passersby and draw customers into your store.


Custom Mirrors

Personalize your home with custom mirrors. We can make your ideas a real reflection of your personality.


Table Tops & Shelves

Glass table-tops and shelves are other areas of our expertise. We can create some interesting and exciting solutions for your home or store.


Glass Railings

Glass Railings is a provocative and elegant way to make your Valparidiso home or business interior one-of-a-kind.

Adding Luxury with Frameless Shower Doors & Shower Glass Doors in Valparaiso

Custom Shower Doors Bring Elegance to Any Bathing Space

Because it provides a clean view and has a fairly simple function, glass shower doors add a luxurious and classic touch to your home bathroom. However, due to the fact that not just any stock of shower glass doors can fit in your bathroom and that heavy glass must be properly balanced to avoid risk of damage and malfunction, it is important that a professional perform the glass shower doors installation. Apart from this and to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses in general doors, you can go to a professional in the field to have custom shower doors made according to the measurements and dimensions of your bathroom and at prices completely similar to a general shower door, plus professional installation.

Shower Doors
Shower Doors

What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures Valparaiso

One of the most important approaches that you should make first when doing a bathroom remodel in your house or apartment is the space of the shower area. Although homes have tub-and-shower-type bathroom areas - which allows to have plenty of space and therefore a lower budget - walk-in shower bathrooms with glass shower enclosures are becoming the option preferred by homeowners; so much so that they are removing their bathtubs from that area or placing a separate soaking tub. If your bathroom is a walk-in or shower-and-tub combination, allow us to demonstrate the different options to choose from and have customized glass shower doors as your preference. Additionally, regardless of what type of bathroom you may have, glass shower doors or enclosures repel water naturally and are easier to clean. However, for bathrooms with tubs it is advisable to use sliding shower doors, which are installed by affixing a glass panel to the tracks at the top and bottom so that it can slide smoothly. For their part, showers without thresholds, the use of swinging glass doors is recommended, since they open with more space because they do not need any framing. Framed glass structures, on the other hand, are the most sought after in this business because it is made with a combined structure of lightweight tempered glass and a metal frame, apart from that its construction is practically easy. However, if it is not your design convenience and you want a door with almost invisible closures and metal frames, you can opt for frameless glass shower doors. While frameless shower doors will help your shower area and its tiles become the talking point of your neighbors, they can be more water messy due to their lack of a proper watertight system. Regardless of the type of shower enclosures you choose, that will help your bathroom become something completely different and wonderful from what you had initially contemplated. If you wish to request an advisory service with us, you can contact us through our telephones or our website.

A Wide Range of Our Shower Glass Doors to Suit Your Personality. We Offer Frameless, Sliding and Custom Shower Doors

If you are from the Valparaiso area or its neighboring zones and are in need of professional services from a reputable bathroom company, we are your best selection, as we have countless years of experience in shower door installation and glass shower door repair services. We also offer you different options for your shower enclosures, including the construction of custom ones to match your style while serving its practical use. Put your trust in our work team, who will take care of making your bathroom more comfortable, functional, and luxurious than before through excellent and efficient service! Get in touch with one of our team members now to bring your project to great light.