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Your house or office should be an accurate representation of your own style and preferences. Mirrors that have been customized may add beauty and grace to any room. No matter what your needs are, business or residential, at Innovation, we have one of the greatest collections of framed and frameless mirrors in Chicago.

We have a mirror solution for you ranging from superb framed mirrors for your home or office, custom mirrors for bathrooms and bedrooms. We offer the professionals you deserve sales, service and installation. Our appointments will always be on time. Call us for a free consultation today, and we promise to provide your property with the best mirror solutions and services to meet your needs.

Innovation offers the best customized windows in Chicago

We provide a wide selection of personalized miracles, ranging from ordinary mirrors in a bathroom to customized walls in a fitness room, as one of the top mirrors in Chicago. There's basically nothing we can't do. Take a look!

Hand-Crafted Frame and Design

We have full-time designers and artisans on staff who can create any design or concept you have in mind for your glass. View some of our work in our gallery and website.

You decide the Width and Height

All of our mirrors are custom cut in-house, which saves money and time. And also it allows us to give you a customized size.

Mirror Types For Chicago Homes And How to Use Them Efficiently

Mirrors are a cost-effective way to add dimension and elegance to any room. The perfect ornamental mirror may boost the visual appeal of a space by bringing in more light, but how do you pick from the many different kinds? Our specialists are ready to help you select and decide what's best for you. We have Mirrors available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

The following are the three most prevalent mirror glass kinds used in home decor:

Concave Mirror

They're common in bathrooms and bedrooms since they give the impression of more space.Like a spoon, concave mirrors are round mirrors that bend inward.

Convex Mirror

Mirrors that are both convex and spherical are known as convex mirrors. It is a curved-surface mirror that expands out and distorts the reflected image, making it smaller, as opposed to concave mirrors.

Plane Mirrors

Flat mirrors that reflect pictures in their usual dimensions, reversed from left to right, are known as plane mirrors. In bedrooms and bathrooms, this is the most frequent form of mirror.